AWAKEN TO THE NATURAL WAY TO REVOLUTIONISE YOUR LIFE & TRANSFORM YOUR PAIN TO POWER in an easy, maintainable, and sustainable way using proven tools and methodologies to guide your path and a strong support system under your feet!

Welcome to your safe place...

Do you want to free yourself from the negative self-doubt that keeps others from seeing your value and from living your best life EVER!

What is the poison others are feeding your ears, your heart, your spirit, your children, or your family? 

What are the toxic relationships that you are involved in? What are the toxic conversations you are using to DEFINE you? 

Did you know that you can change the effect that these conversations have on you and that you can counter the effects that negative criticism, arguments, anger and aggression, outside influences and pressures have on you and your children's lives?

You can make a difference in the way you deal with life, and how you show up and you can make a change in how resilient you and your children are when it comes to emotional trauma, narcissistic abuse, and toxic relationships, and the inevitable bite of the subsequent negative thought-form that we all tend to indulge in unconsciously.

Find the Antidote to the Pain, Poison and Toxicity

I discovered that focussing on:
- what I put in my mouth whether food, beverage, or medication, 
- what I feed my mind whether self-talk, education, reading, or support from the outside world; and 
- how I show up for myself every day 

is the foundation on which I can build a future of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health so that I can be my best self every day no matter what shows up for me or my family.

I am going to help you to free yourself from that toxic cloak that hides your inner light so that you can be free to shine your inner beauty with strength and power and live as free as you are meant to be!

RELEASE emotional overwhelm holding you captive and go from survive to THRIVE!


I want to help YOU to overcome the emotional overwhelm that is holding you captive and give you the tools, knowledge, and courage to move from surviving to thriving!

I was in a bad state of lethargy and depression where I did not know where to go and where to turn. 
I had a number of bad experiences and deep trauma-related issues and did not know how to get myself to move forward in either my business or my personal life.  

I was in a position where I was feeling extremely vulnerable and my mind was in a "boggling state". I could not see my way out. 

Natalie guided me on how to get my mindset right as well as coached me on how to get out of the mess that I was in one step at a time and even assisted me with business consulting to find solutions for problems I was experiencing on some of my projects. 

Now I feel that I am more in control of my life, have managed to resolve a number of things that I had thought were unresolvable, and have got a new lease on life. I am feeling focussed, driven and motivated.”

— Dale Sing, Johannesburg, South Africa 2021